Required Supplies

2020-2021 Orchestra Required Supplies
'Bell's Music Shop' is aware of the Pike Orchestra supply requirements. Simply tell them your student will be in Pike Orchestra and they will put a package together for you. Or print out this supply list and bring it to any music education store for them to do the same. 

ALL students will need the below supplies to be successful in Orchestra along with the corresponding method book for the Orchestra they have been placed in for the 2019-2020 school year.

Email Mrs. Hoffner if you feel overwhelmed - I'm here to help :) 



Sound Innovations, Book 1, for your instrument


Essential Elements Book 2, for your instrument


Sound Innovations Book 2, for your instrument


Sound Innovations Book 2, for your instrument AND Sound Innovations Sound Development (green book), for your instrument


1. Instrument of good quality and case (rented from a reputable music store: Bell's Music Shop, Music & Arts, Mr. E's. Instruments purchased from Walmart or Ebay, etc. and/or that are pink, purple, blue, white, etc. will not be acceptable.) 

2.  Shoulder Rest (violin/viola) (these are based on the size of your instrument - I recommend Kun brand - should come with your instrument when you rent)

3. Shoulder Rest Bag (violin/viola) (if your case does not have a spot to put your shoulder rest you need a bag that clips on your case.)

4. Rockstop (cello/bass) (not based on the size of your instrument - Basses: make sure to get a bass rockstop without the strap like the cellos use. They are also different from cello rockstops because your instrument is heavier)

5. Rosin (medium rosin - Basses: make sure you get bass rosin - Violin/Viola/Cello: make sure you DO NOT get bass rosin!)

6. Soft Cloth/Polish Cloth (can be an old cut up t-shirt or one of those yellow dusting cloths - no washcloths!)

7. Folding Music Stand (for home practice and events) 

8. Clip on Tuner-(a MUST to tune and learn tuning with! Tuners can be purchased at Bell’s Music Shop, or online with Amazon being the easiest place to find clip on tuners. Recommended brand is the Korg Sledgehammer Tuner or any Korg tuner works best. )

9. Black 1 inch Binder- Students will store music in this black binder, as well as their Sound Innovations Book. Binder needs to be black to match with stand for performances. Every student must have one.

10. Pencil Pouch with Pencils-Students will store this pouch in their black binder with pencils inside of it.

11.  Name Tag (for your case)  

12. Not a supply, but a MUST to be successful!! Fingernails must be kept short (no fake nails - clipped down to the fleshy part of your finger - we cannot play with long fingernails) 

13. Tissue Box (for the classroom)