Practice only on the days you eat. 

~Shinichi Suzuki

~All Orchestra students are expected to practice every day.

~Class time does not qualify as practice time.

~Students must either take home their instrument every day after school or use their home instrument to practice on every night.

~Students that cannot practice in the evenings and/or do not have a home instrument are expected to come in the mornings to practice in the Orchestra room. 

~The Orchestra room is open Monday through Friday 7:30am-8:39am. 


bass player

 -If they sound good practicing, they are not practicing... They should sound good at the end of their practice session.

-Video record your student practicing to allow themselves to hear and see their playing from an audience perspective.

-Efficient practicing for a smaller amount of time every day will help students get better faster as opposed to practicing for a long time one day of the week.

-Playing is not the same as practicing... they should be working on small sections and perfecting them instead of playing through the entire piece.

-Every student should be practicing with a metronome at home.

-Students should practice in a quiet place without distractions. 

Itzhak Perlman on Practicing