Orchestra Fees

Orchestra Membership Dues

The GPMS Orchestra collects membership dues instead of conducting multiple fundraisers.  Very few of the special extra-curricular activities in which the orchestra participants are paid for by the school and/or district.  Therefore, we need to provide our own funds so we can enjoy the many unique opportunities available to us.


The GPMS Orchestra participates in one week long fundraiser each year. Fundraising is optional, although highly encouraged in order to help students pay for contest fees, equipment, supplies, scholarships, bus costs, clinicians, etc. The Fundraiser this year will occur in the fall, more details to come!

Orchestra Membership Dues

$50 per School Year **Can pay these all upfront or by the due dates listed below.

Fall Orchestra Dues for All Members-Due September 28th

$15.00 - The 2018-2019 Orchestra T-shirt

$12.00 - Orchestra Spring Festival Registration

Total: $27.00

Spring Orchestra Dues-Due March 29th $15.00 - Main Event after Spring Festival $8.00 per entry-Solo and Ensemble Competition Total: $23.00

Cello/Bass Students $50.00-School Maintenance Rental Fee

Payment Method Options​​ -Online through the HAC Website -Cash -Checks: All Checks must have the following:
  1. Driver's License #
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Expiration Date of Driver's License 

**Click Here to visit our Handbook Addition Packet for more optional add on's and details regarding dues.