iSchool Student Advocate Program


NISD Student Advocate Program

Do you have an idea of how your school can improve but have never had a chance to share


Are you passionate about technology?

Then it’s your time to… 

Become part of a trailblazing team of students and lead your school in positive change.

Teach technology use to other students and teachers in your area.

Start a digital revolution in your school.

Apply now to become a member of the inaugural group of Northwest ISD student advocates. As a member, you will take part in a 3-day workshop where you will learn to role model and leverage responsible use of technology in your school. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to develop a project with a group of your peers to positively affect the culture of Northwest ISD.

Throughout the school year, your campus and district advisor will host sessions with teams.

Student advocates will also play a large role in the NISD 1:World Conference in July. Students will introduce keynote speakers, host breakout sessions for teachers and help with the overall facilitation of the event.

Learn more and apply at

Who: All NISD students who will be entering 8th thru 10th grade are open to apply

When: Initial Program-June 15th-19th (M,W,F for Middle School or T,R,F for High School)

Where: Steele Accelerated High School, Roanoke, Texas

Cost: Time, Dedication, and Commitment. There is no financial obligation.

Applications Due: No later than May 20th


  • 3 days during the week of June 15th (required)
  • 1-2 days from July 29-30 (optional)
  • Group meetings throughout the school year outside of class time (1 every 3-6 weeks)

Application/Selection Process:

Step 1: Pike advertises program. (Week of May 11th - 15th, 2015)

Step 2: Students apply

Step 3: iSchool works with campus advisor, Mrs. Wilson (Instructional Technology) to set up interviews.

Step 4: iSchool Initiative interviews all students who qualify via a digital interview.

(Scheduling May 25th-27th)

Step 5: Campus administration and iSchool selects students.

Step 6: Students are notified. (On or before May 29th)

Step 7: Program begins week of June 15.

Step 8: Students make a difference!

For questions regarding the student advocate program, please contact Cara Carter ) or Rory Peacock ( ) in the Instructional Technology Department.