Future Panther Choir Singers - 5th grade information!


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For the 5th grade choir flier click here.
For "frequently asked questions" and messages from directors and officers click here.

Why join choir?

Have a good time!
  • Our choirs consist of singers of all different abilities. Choir offers endless opportunities for friendships that will last a lifetime. Your day is hard enough. Why not put something you love to do in your schedule...join choir! 
  • Be a part of excellence!
  • You must choose electives in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade...why not take something that you can have fun doing. 
  • Go cool places!
  • In choir, our sixth graders take trips around the Metroplex, including Hurricane Harbor, Sandy Lake, and more. When you get to seventh and eighth grade, we take a trip to the world famous Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in downtown Dallas, in addition to our numerous local performances.
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Can I be involved in other activities like band, orchestra, athletics, sports, theater, art, etc.?
Of course! You control your own destiny. If you're worried about conflicts, don't! Most students in choir are enrolled in several activities both inside and outside of school.

What kind of music will we perform?
In choir, we don’t just sing the traditional stuff. While at Pike, choir members sing a wide variety of music ranging from classical and jazz to pop and world music. In choir, we like to have fun! Sixth grade students have the opportunity to sing at Hurricane Harbor Choral Competition - a choir competition that features the best young singers in the DFW area! We have been CHAMPIONS winning 1st place for the last two years in BOTH 6th Grade Girls and Guys!

How much does it cost?
Participating in choir is free!!! There are some optional items like a choir T-shirt, (we do have sponsors that can help with the T-shirt if students cannot afford it) activities, and trips that cost money, but students may choose whether to participate in those.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?
Select choir on your course selection form...it"s that simple! You'll personally receive a letter in April with more information about our award winning 6th grade choirs. During the first week of school I'll start off by getting to know you and finding out about your past experiences in music. Then, I’ll check your range. This is nothing to worry about…it"s quick and painless. All students are accepted into a choir, regardless of past singing experience. For more information on our choirs, check out our facebook page at genepikechoir.
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 It's great to have you as part of our award winning, 1st place winning choir team!!! Go team Pike!