Join the Pike Band!

Welcome 5th Grade students and parents!

We would love for everyone to join the Pike Band program! There are many instruments to play and a band director/private lesson teacher will help your student choose the right one for them. Many instruments are rented from a music company, or purchased outright. We also have several school-owned instruments that rent for $100 per school year. The most important thing when deciding your schedule is to place "band" as your 1st or 2nd elective choice. Once this is done, you are guaranteed a spot in the program.

Reasons to Study Fine Arts

Percussion Testing

(April 23, 25, and 26)

Email Mr. Gonzalez for details 

Wind Instruments
(April 28, 2018)

Northwest High School

Each student/family should sign up for "1" time slot. Time slots are 30-minutes and you can choose a morning session (8 - 11:30am) or afternoon session (Noon - 4pm).
During this time, you will test as many instruments as you choose.


Instrument Selection Flyer

Please contact the band directors with any questions. 

Mr. Forbis:
Mr. Hughes: