How do I complete my practice record?

Completing your practice report

Each band member will be responsible for the completion of a weekly "practice report". As such, each student will receive a weekly homework grade on their completed practice time. In order to complete this requirement, students must sign into their Charms Account. From here, they will enter their practice time into the "Practice Logs" section. Students should begin logging their time every Monday, with the practice week ending on Sunday night (midnight).

Questions about practice logs:

1. Do parents have to sign/verify the practice requirement?

No parent signature is required, but we do ask that parents be aware of their child's practice sessions and habits. Students should use their tablet access at school or internet access at home to complete the practice record.

In order for your student to constantly improve, parental support is crucial during this process.

2. How do I complete my practice log?

Follow these steps:
b. School code: enter genepikeband (no spaces or capital letters)
d. Type in the student password-- school ID number
e. From the student home page, click on "Practice Logs"
d. Fill out the form for each practice session. The date will always default to the current day,
    but you can enter previous sessions by clicking on the calendar icon to change the date.
3. How many minutes should I practice?
Students will earn a grade based on the number of minutes they practice each week. Please keep in mind their practice grade can improve and/or decrease each week. Much like an athlete, we must be have a practice regiment to increase our musical skills. We want all the Pike Panthers to GO PRO!

"Panther All-Star"
250+ weekly minutes = Grade of 100 and "Get Out of Test Free Card"

"Panther Pro"
150+ weekly minutes = Grade of 100

"Panther Semi-Pro"
120-149 weekly minutes = Grade of 90 
"Panther Junior"
90-119 weekly minutes = Grade of 80
"Panther Amateur"
60-89 weekly minutes = Grade of 70
"Panther Pee-Wee"
Less than 60 weekly minutes = Grade of 60 
"Panther Bench warmer"
Not practicing and failing to submit a practice report = Grade of "M" (missing assignment)

***Missing assignments must be turned in within 2 days of the original due date. If the student DID practice, a hand-written practice report can be turned in but must be signed by a parent. A deduction of 15 points per day will be applied to missing assignments. If the assignment is more than 2 days late, the grade will remain "M" and cannot be replaced.

4. Does it matter how I practice?
YES! Practice should be done correctly for students to make gains on their instrument.
*Find a practice area free from distractions (if possible). 
*Always warm-up properly, which will be demonstrated in class.
*Be realistic about goals.
*"Count it, say it, play it" method for difficult musical passages.
*Have a clear goal in mind for each practice session.
*Use a tuner/metronome.
*Figure out specific areas that you are still having trouble and get help from a band director.
Good musicians practice until they get it right. GREAT musicians practice until they can't get it wrong.