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Pike Happenings Nov. 13-17

Pike Happenings Nov. 13-17



Pike Happenings Nov. 13th- 17th

Posted by Patricia Lutkenhaus on Sunday, Nov 12 at 4:37 PM in Gene Pike Middle School


As we approach the Thanksgiving break, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for each and every one of you—parents, staff, and students alike. I am truly grateful for the dedication and hard work of our staff, the unwavering support of our parents, and the enthusiasm and commitment of our students. Together, we create a vibrant and nurturing community that fosters growth, learning, and positivity.

Thank you for being an essential part of Pike Middle school. Wishing you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving break filled with laughter, love, and cherished memories.


  • Basketball boy's 7th home, 8th away vs Worthington
  • Generation Texas wear green


  • Generation Texas wear purple


  • Generation Texas wear maroon/red


  • Generation Texas wear Orange/Yellow
  • Basketball girl's 7th home, 8th away vs Worthington


  • Generation Texas red/white/blue or camo


Lunch sign up:

Dropping off items:

  • Remember we stop taking items for drop off after 11:30.

Dress code:






Tricia Lutkenhaus
Principal Pike Middle School