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SmartTag & Student IDs

SmartTag & Student IDs



SmartTag and Student IDs


Dear Students and Parents,


We hope this email finds you well. We are excited to inform you that we have received the SmartTags today, Thursday, August 24th, and our team is actively engaged in the process of distributing them to our valued bus riders.

While we are working diligently to ensure that every student receives their SmartTag promptly, we want to reassure you that even if your student does not receive their SmartTag today, they will still be able to use the bus transportation service. Our dedicated staff is committed to a seamless transition.

 It's important to note that the integration of new riders into our system and the creation of their unique IDs might take a little time. We have been advised that this process can take up to a week for any new rider. Rest assured, we are working closely with transportation to expedite this procedure as much as possible.


Regular School IDs

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are currently awaiting the ability to print and distribute the regular school IDs to all our students. We want to assure you that this delay in obtaining your standard school ID will not impact your ability to access essential services.
We've taken steps to inform all our students that, regardless of possessing their regular ID at this moment, they can still smoothly proceed through the breakfast and lunch lines. Our dedicated staff is here to ensure that no student faces any inconvenience during this period.
Rest assured, we are actively working to resolve the situation and will promptly notify everyone as soon as we are able to commence the printing and distribution of the regular school IDs.
Your understanding and cooperation during this time are greatly appreciated.  
Thank you, 
Tricia Lutkenhaus
Pike Middle School