New Students to Pike

Welcome to
Gene Pike Middle School!

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As you begin to prepare for the new school year we know you have a lot of questions.  Our goal is provide clear, consistent communication and support during this time and throughout the school year.  We know there is a lot to manage, and staying connected with you helps to support the success of every student. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher, counselor or assistant principal for help. 

Schedule change requests can be made online: Schedule Change Google Form
Or via email to one of your counselors:

Please note that schedule requests are limited.

6th Grade Counselor: 7th Grade Counselor:
8th Grade Counselor: 
Lunches are listed on your schedule but can also be found below: 

6th grade lunch (C) : after 5th period
7th grade lunch (B) : after 4th period
8th grade lunch (A) : after 3rd period

Students in 7th and 8th grade can choose to take Athletics.
Students in Athletics must complete a doctor's physical form to try out or participate. The forms can be found here: Pike Middle School Athletics Page
Students in 7th grade MUST take PE or Athletics. 
Students in 6th grade are required to take PE and are not permitted to participate in UIL sports until 7th grade. 
PE/Athletics Uniforms are mandatory and may be purchased the first week of school for $20 through the coaching department. Please talk with your child's coach about ordering a uniform.

All students are required to wear a school-issued ID every day, all day
Students will be charged $5 for a replacement ID
ID's can be replaced in the AP office across from the main office

Students are encouraged to wear masks.

School Supplies:
Go to 'Resources' and to the bottom you will find your supply list

6th graders:
All 6th graders must take PE 
All 6th graders will have 2 sections of Math 
All 6th graders must take 1 fine art (band, choir, orchestra)
See 6th grade course requests for more information: 6th grade information

7th graders:
All 7th graders must be up to date on due immunizations before the first day 
All 7th graders will have 2 sections of LA
All 7th graders must take PE, Athletics or Tennis. (Athletics and tennis require a doctor's physical and paperwork.)
See 7th grade course request for more information on classes: 7th grade information

8th graders: 
All 8th graders will take AVID or College and Career Readiness class (Will include Speech HS credit)
All 8th graders will have an opportunity to take High School Credit classes. See the Course Request sheet for more information: 8th grade information

Advisory: listed as a 9th period but will actually be after 2nd period.

Bell Schedule: 
Bell Schedule 

Bus Information: 
Buses line up at the back of the school. There will be maps and posters in the hallways for your convenience. 

Lunch Account:
Once you are registered, you will be able to access your lunch account to add money here: 
My School Bucks 
You will need to create a profile by clicking on "Start Here"
Add student's name, birthday and student ID#
Free/reduced lunch applications are found here: Free/Reduced Lunch Information

Chromebook Information:
Guidelines, permission and fees found on this page
Student Devices Information Page

Teachers will have most of their resources, upcoming dates, and contact information on their Moodle Course. Parents can view the site because of open guest access but students must be enrolled with an enrollment key (given to students by the teacher) to submit assignments. Here is a Moodle tutorial: Moodle Tutorial

As your campus counselors, we are happy to welcome any questions! Let us know about your experience at Pike Middle School. Here is our information to help you along the way: 

Adam Aldridge: 6th Grade Counselor,  817-698-1326
Steve Bates: 7th Grade Counselor,  817-215-0405
Whitney Martin: 8th Grade Counselor,   817-698-1417

Assistant Principals:
Andrea Driver: 6th Grade Assistant Principal  817-215-0410
Dr. Sam Bonsu: 7th Grade Assistant Principal  817-215-0423

Lisa Schlomach: 8th Grade Assistant Principal  817-215-0429

Patricia Lutkenhaus:  817-210-0400