Future Pike Orchestra Members

Welcome to Pike Middle School Orchestras

Future Pike Orchestra Members 

If you are already signed up for orchestra, I can't wait to meet you!

If you haven't signed up for orchestra yet, contact the Pike Middle School front office to enroll or contact Mrs. Hoffner and she will make sure you are enrolled in Orchestra.

Check the Orchestra Q&A tab for more information about Beginning Orchestra!

You signed up for Orchestra! Now what?

Step 1: Attend one of the below instrument nights. You will need to attend one of our instrument drives. At this time, your child will choose the instrument they want to play and will be sized for that instrument. Remember, string instruments come in different sizes; therefore it is extremely important that they are sized for their instrument to be successful.

Step 2: Purchase Supplies - Students need to have all of their supplies by the first day of school which can also be purchased at the instrument nights. Please visit our Supplies list to print a list of all you need.

Missed the instrument drives? Make an appointment at Bell's Music Shop, Music & Arts, or any music education store to have your student sized for their instrument and make sure you have everything on the supply list.

We look forward to having you in Pike Orchestra next year!