How do I complete my practice record?

Practice Record Grades
120 (+) minutes = Grade of "100"
90 - 119 minutes = Grade of "85"
60 - 89 minutes = Grade of "70"
Below 60 minutes = Grade of "50"
No practice minutes = Grade of "0"

Students will also have weekly assignments in Google Classroom to complete by the due date.

Does it matter how I practice?

YES! Practice should be done correctly for students to make gains on their instrument.
1. Find a practice area free from distractions (if possible). 
2. Always warm-up properly, which will be demonstrated in class.
3. Be realistic about goals.
4. "Count it, say it, play it" method for difficult musical passages.
5. Have a clear goal in mind for each practice session.
6. Use a tuner/metronome.
7. Figure out specific areas that you are still having trouble and get help from a band director.
Good musicians practice until they get it right. GREAT​ musicians practice until they can't get it wrong.