Campaign Rules

Rules for Campaigning for Office

  1. Students can only campaign using posters.  All posters must be approved by Mrs. Krieg or Mrs. Lovern. 

  2. Campaign posters must be no larger than 8½” x 11” 

  3. Middle School Students can have a total of 5 campaign posters

    1. One on student’s locker

    2. Four in general spaces (commons, hallway) 

  4. Posters will be positive and cannot mention other candidates.

  5. Students cannot hand anything out (candy, prizes, cards…) 

  6. Students running for office will need to prepare a speech for the office they are running for.  Speeches will be video recorded and uploaded to the Student Council Moodle page.  Speeches will be recorded before school (date will soon be posted). 

  7. Speeches will need to be no longer than 2 minutes.  

  8. Speeches will refrain from making unreasonable promises (extra recess, less school days…) 

  9. Voting will take place online via the Moodle page. Advisors will ensure students are only able to vote once. 

  10. Elections are student elections; therefore, every aspect of the campaign must be student-centered. Parents are not permitted to participate in any part of the on-campus campaigning, including the displaying of any campaign posters, signs, or materials.  

  11. Once the officers have been elected, ALL POSTERS and SIGNS must be disposed of by the end of school on (Date to follow). 

  12. Word to the wise: use common sense when creating campaign info – if you aren’t sure what is appropriate and what is not, please ask Mrs. Krieg or Mrs. Lovern.  Anything deemed inappropriate will be taken down immediately and you could face an administrative consequence or referral! Don’t forget, all posters and hanging items must be approved before being hung up!  A good rule of thumb:  If you think something is inappropriate, it probably is!  Be sure to ask if you are unclear.