2020 GPMS Cheerleading Tryouts


We are excited to announce that NISD will conduct Virtual Tryouts for the 2020 Middle School Cheer season!  

Tryouts will be conducted through video submission from May 4th to May 8th.  The Virtual Tryout Submission link for Pike will be posted on THIS PAGE and will accept submissions from May 4th to May 8th.  Late submissions will not be considered.  A panel of two judges (not affiliated with Pike) will score each video submission using the NISD Score Card that was presented at the Informational Meeting.  Tryout results will be posted to this page no later than May 11th.  All other tryout procedures set forth in the NISD Cheer Guidelines still apply.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!  Until May, keep practicing and stay healthy!

TRYOUT SUBMISSION FORM (this link will be live on May 4th)

The Tryout Video Submission form consists of two sections:
Part 1 - Candidates Information:  Candidates will need a screenshot/photo of their first SEMESTER report card to upload into the first section of the form in addition to basic information.  Report cards can be accessed in Home Access Center.  

Part 2 -Video Submission:  Candidates will upload videos of their complete tryout process.  Up to 5 videos can be added to the form in case you choose to film each part separately.  A mock tryout video has been posted below as an example.  Please review the NISD Scoring Card to familiarize yourself with the scoring process.  

Introduce yourself – name, school and grade
Demonstrate a spirited entrance or SPIRIT between Cheer, Dance, and Jumps
Demonstrate CHEER (make sure you are loud)
Demonstrate CHANT (make sure you are loud)
Demonstrate DANCE (high energy)
Demonstrate 3 JUMPS of your choice
*Tumble-add this at the end (not being able to tumble does not reduce your chances of making the squad)