5th graders- Information for Introduction to Theater

It is true! Pike 6th grade Theater classes are back for the next school year! Excitement time! Students in beginning Theater classes will be able to learn basic Theater knowledge, vocabulary, history and they will learn to prepare for play productions. Students become excited to participate in three plays throughout the year. Every student will have a responsibility. Each class will have a play that performs during their class time. It will not require after school nor weekend rehearsals. There are no fees for Theater. All students in Theater classes are expected to follow the district policies and the class room procedures. Lessons, assignments, due dates and assessments will all be posted in Moodle. Tutorials can be held at various times to accommodate students, but prior arrangements must be made with me. The tutorial sign up sheet is on the class room door. Detentions will be held as needed, after parent contact is made. Please understand that I will encourage students to participate in the Theater classes. I know that many students are at different levels and each student is respected for their individual talents. I anticipate a wonderful school year. Thank you for your interest in your child's education, Mrs. Monk

If you have any questions, please email me at CMonk@nisdttx.org