Orchestra Fees

Orchestra Fees

 ***All checks MUST have the following:

Driver's License #
Date of Birth
Expiration Date of Driver's License 

ORCHESTRA FEE ($40.00/year)
***Checks payable to: Pike Orchestra
Yes, all Orchestra students pay an annual fee of $40.00. This fee is a one-time fee paid at the beginning of the school year. The fee covers the annual orchestra t-shirt, 3 meals (one prior to each concert), and extras.

Students need to rent an instrument from a music education company (Bell's Music Shop, Music & Arts, Brook Mays, etc.) which can cost as low as $25.00/month and purchase supplies. *The beginner book can only be purchased at Bell's Music Shop. Please do not purchase an instrument from stores that also sell paper towels... 

CELLO/BASS FEE ($50.00/year)
***Checks Payable to: Pike Orchestra
To eliminate the need for students to bring the larger instruments to school each day from home, all cello and bass students rent a school-owned instrument that remains at school for $50/year. Depending on availability, students may rent a school-owned instrument for home use as well. These are on a first come, first served basis due to the limited extra instruments we have. One instrument for home use and one to remain at school would be $100. Students who do not rent a school-owned instrument for home use will need to rent an instrument for home use to practice on from an outside music store. Violin and viola students are expected to rent one instrument to transport to and from school each day from an outside music store. 

Students in Chamber and Symphony Orchestras may be asked to bring money for meals when we travel off campus to Pre-UIL, UIL, and Peak Music Festival. Students in Chamber Orchestra may be asked to bring money for meals when traveling to performances off campus such as to perform at the nursing home, elementary schools, etc.

***Checks payable to: Pike Orchestra
Instead of fundraising, Pike Orchestra accepts donations to pay for, but not limited to, our festival fees, contests, field trips, summer scholarships, classroom supplies, etc. for our students. Any amount you can give will go directly to our Pike Orchestra account to allow our students more exposure and to gain musical experience and knowledge.